Important note: Everything on this side are simple speculations. Please don't take anything written here as a fact!

The following girls have appeared on promotion articles as well as in the PV but aren't featured on the official website.

No. 5 Edit

Early Design of Air Groove ? Edit

Since the voice actress is the same as Air Grooves it can be assumend that this is on old or rejected design/concept of Air Groove

Deep Impact ? Edit

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No. 14 Edit

Fuji Kiseki? Edit

The voice actress is the same as the voice actress of Fuji Kiseki. Again there is no official statement what happend to this character. But since this design and Fujisekis final design look so different it can be assumend that this character was cut from the game.

Orfevre ? Edit

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No. 7 Edit

Grass Wonder ? Edit

Apparently a first version of Grass Wonder based on the fact that they share the same voice actress. This version get's a lot of screentime in the PV and has compeletely different character traits as the current Grass Wonder.

King Kamehameha? Edit

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No. 2 Edit

Grass Wonder ? Edit

Her design looks very similiar to the current Grass Wonder. The voice actress isn't assigned to another horse now. It isn't clear if one of the two designs got cancelled or why there was a change in voice actors.

Buena Vista ? Edit

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