Your social class will not give you an advantage in this world. Victory is the only measure by which you are judged!
―Symboli Rudolf

Symboli Rudolf (シンボリルドルフ, Shinbori Rudorufu) [1] is one of the supporting characters in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

Known as the "Emperor," she is one of Japan's leading horse girls. She is a member of Team Rigil and serves as Tracen Academy's student council president.

Personality Edit

Symboli Rudolf possesses a calm demeanor and speaks with wisdom. She judges with fairness and cares heavily for the school's image. Despite her strict and resolute stance, she worries a lot for the newly enrolled students and has a strong desire to protect them.

Appearance Edit

A horse girl full of charm whom admired by many. She has light brown hair that reaches her waist, her hair is darker on the front. A long streak of white hair is swept to the left along with the bangs. She wears an silver earring with a thin jade on her right ear. Her eyes are magenta that always fixed with a soft glare.


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