Starting Gate 01 is the first CD release of Uma Musume. Besides the normal songs the CD also includes the first episodes of the Drama special 「Special Start!」.

Track List Edit

【ウマ娘 プリティーダービー 】「STARTING GATE 01」試聴動画

【ウマ娘 プリティーダービー 】「STARTING GATE 01」試聴動画

The CD includes the following tracks:

  1. Fanfare for Future!
  2. 恋はダービー☆ (Koi Wa Derby☆)
    • Song: Tokai Teio
    • Lyrics: Cygames (corochi)
    • Composition: Cygames (本田晃弘)
    • Arrangement: 中西亮輔
  3. Silent Star
    • Song: Silence Suzuka
    • Lyrics: Cygames (corochi)
    • Composition: 田中秀和 (MONACA)
    • Arrangement: 田中秀和 (MONACA)
  4. Drama Special - 「Special Today! -introduction-」
  5. Theme song 「うまぴょい伝説」(Umapyoi Densetsu)
  6. Drama Special -「Special Today! -R1-」
  7. Watashi no Shirushi wa Daihonmei ◎
    • Song: Special Week
    • Lyrics: 俊龍
    • Composition: 俊龍
    • Arrangement: Sizuk