My apologies. I’m self-conscious about how uncute I am. Not my name, nor appearance, nor personality.
―Mejiro Dober

Profile Edit

At first glance, she seems like a cold, stern, and difficult-to-approach bishoujo. She seems to have as much sociability as a spur. She has a complex about her masculine-sounding name, convincing herself that “I’m not cute” and “I’m not feminine” (no matter how much others consider her to be a bishoujo.) She’s really just extremely shy. She doesn’t smile often due to her stage fright and social anxiety. She’s especially closed off to men, and will leave the room if one is around. She admires her senpai Air Groove and wants to be as good as she is one day. She hopes to be able to run in the same race as her soon.

Her sisters are Mejiro McQueen and Mejiro Ryan[1].

References Edit

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