I’m gonna go for it and do my best to get first place! Thank you for your support!
―Haru Urara
Haru Urara (ハルウララ, Haru Urara) [1] is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby.

She is a friend of Special Week and many other horse girls. She travels around often to compete in races, although she had never return with a single victory; but returns with souvenirs for her friends.

Personality Edit

This energetic horse girl has an unending optimism and fighting spirit despite she had never won a single race. It’s pretty clear that her enrollment to Tracen Academy was an error, given that she doesn’t quite have the talent or skill. Regardless, she still brightens up the everyday life in the academy.

Appearance Edit

She is a short and cute horse girl. She has bright pink hair and eyes. Her hair is tied up in a small ponytail and her bangs are kept neatly with a dark pink headband. She wears two dark pink ear caps and a white and pink bow on her left ear.

Songs Edit

Starting Gate 07 Edit

  • 今日もウララかケセラセラ! (Kyou Mo Urara Ka Que Sera Sera!)
  • Present March
  • Umapyoi Densetsu

Trivia Edit

  • She does not have an unique idol outfit like the others because she had never won a race.

References Edit